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The BEST Way To Clean The Dirtiest Of Oven Doors

I went and searched the internet for tips and came across this beauty I am sharing with you all today! Check out full instructions below. FULL ARTICLE HERE —–>The BEST Way To Clean The Dirtiest Of Oven Doors

The Most Effective Methods to Kill Black Mold Naturally

Mold can be found anywhere in the house, including the roof, walls, floors and carpet. There are many chemicals on the market that can kill mold, but they pollute the home with toxic gases. Here are a few simple and inexpensive solutions to destroy black mold in your house. The Most Effective Methods to Kill …

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Homemade Tub, Tile, and Grout Cleaner

Most of the cleaners available contain bleach and other harsh chemicals, turning the bathroom into a hazardous environment for simply breathing while cleaning. For only a few dollars, you can mix together a natural rock-star cleaning solution that will whiten your grout and clean your tub and bathroom tile without needing a mask and goggles …

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The Best DIY Homemade Drano Recipe

Baking soda is cheap yet has many use. I tried this on a shower which pooled up instantly whenever in use. Upon removing the little grate over the drain with a flathead screwdriver I pulled out a large tangle of hair and flushed it, then followed the steps posted here and now the shower is …

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How To Remove Grease From Kitchen Cabinets

Dealing with grease splatters on your cabinets? You are not alone! Here is a super-effective way to remove it fast. I just tried this on the vent hood and it worked great. If you are using this method I highly recommend you start by testing this in a small area of your cabinet. Maybe start …

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13 Unexpected Ways to Use Alka-Seltzer

Alka Seltzer has so many more uses than you would have ever expected or imagined. This will become a staple in your home from now on with its many uses. Save time and money with Alka Seltzer, really! It’ll help you clean toilets, unclog drains, polish jewelry and so much more. Keep this article handy …

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