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Celtic Tiles Blanket

Celtic Tiles Blanket consists of 20 squares made in overlay crochet technique with simple border. It’s not as well draping as other cabled crochet blankets, but it gives a very nice feeling of coziness and warmness. Check out the tutorial. FULL ARTICLE HERE —->Celtic Tiles Blanket

How To Sew Sock Owls

These have to be the cutest owls I have ever seen. Even if you are a novice at sewing these could be a great starting project to get you in the mojo for a bigger project. Check out the tutorial below. FULL ARTICLE HERE —->How To Sew Sock Owls

Free Pattern Puff Flowers Crochet

Using this crochet flowers pattern you can create lovely blankets, dresses, decorations and even hats. This would be a fun project to make along with some other people to give away as a gift. Tutorial below. FULL ARTICLE HERE —->Free Pattern Puff Flowers Crochet

How To Crochet A Colorful Cute Kids Coat – Free Pattern

This project has to be one of the sweetest I have seen in a long time. The layering, the texture, scalloped elements ensure this is a must make! Full article below. How To Crochet A Colorful Cute Kids Coat – Free Pattern

How To Crochet A 3D Daffodils Granny Square – Free Pattern

I watched the entire video to get the full picture of what I will need to do. Now I can hardly wait to get started. Here is the lovely tutorial, very well presented: FULL ARTICLE HERE —->How To Crochet A 3D Daffodils Granny Square – Free Pattern

How To Make Chair Socks To Protect Your Hardwood Floors

These are perfect for my brand new bamboo flooring. That said, my furniture legs that are on my wood floor aren’t so easy to work around, so I really need these ones! Also, this would be a great gift for your kids’ teachers too! Those chairs are always making so much distracting noise in the …

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How to Crochet a Puff Flower

These adorable flowers are so sweet and look great on a blanket, purse, headband, scarf or hat. Once you master this pattern, you’ll be able to create a variety of textured pieces that are utterly stunning. The really fun part about this technique is that it’s pretty easy to change colors and you move, making …

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