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How To Build Your Own Backyard Bowling Alley

Bowling fans, what could be better than having your own backyard bowling alley? Here are the plans. Tutorial + Video included. How To Build Your Own Backyard Bowling Alley

3-Ingredient Safe Puffy Slime

It’s a really fun activity to make with the kids. It’s very cheap and think of all of the slime your kids can make with that much glue! I have never made slime before and surprisingly it doesn’t look that messy either. I will try it out with the kids this weekend. FULL ARTICLE HERE …

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DIY Dog Crate Cover

This is brilliant! I’m looking for ideas to cover up our own ugly dog crate and this tutorial makes it look so much easier than I was expecting. I think I can handle this one 🙂 . Check out the full tutorial here: FULL ARTICLE HERE —->DIY Dog Crate Cover

DIY Beachy Air Plant Terrarium

Have you ever made an air plant mini-garden? Air plants, sand and itty-bitty furniture? You’ll just couldn’t resist making this beach-inspired mini garden terrarium for the summer. FULL ARTICLE HERE —->DIY Beachy Air Plant Terrarium

How To Make a Backyard Slingshot

This backyard slingshot can be used for a variety of things. From water balloon fights to balls knocking over Homer bucket pyramids, this slingshot will be a hit kids of any age. Here is the tutorial: FULL ARTICLE HERE —->How To Make a Backyard Slingshot

How to Build a Fold-Down Greenhouse

This simple, inexpensive greenhouse folds down to protect your plants during early frosts and cold snaps, then can be raised up on warmer days to allow them full access to sunlight and rain. This tutorial will show you how to build a folding greenhouse that can be attached to the side of a house, shed …

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How To Turn Old Drawers Into Porch Planters

Be ready to repurpose your old drawers! You won’t regret it! I love planters and these have such fantastic whimsy! I actually have an old dresser I was going to put on the curb for free takers, but think I just might need to keep the drawers for myself :). How To Turn Old Drawers …

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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets the Right Way

Wonderful makeover! I’m sure there are a lot of us who appreciate the detailed step by steps for those of us who have contemplated doing a project like this! This thorough tutorial will show you step by step how to properly paint your kitchen cabinets. FULL ARTICLE HERE —->How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets the Right …

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How To Make Durable Handmade Dog Toys

What a super cute idea!!! These dog toys also come with the squeak. However, if squeaky dog toys drive you mad you can leave that bit out. The denim fabric would make it very sturdy and the pocket idea for a treat is genius! Now you just have to sort some old jeans! How To …

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How To Make a Scrabble Board Porch Table

Like playing Scrabble with your family/ guests? This article gives step by step instructions, including materials needed for this worthy DIY. Enjoy not only the crafting, but enjoy the many hours of laughter and conversation that making this piece will bring. As a improvement, I think a mat or area rug under the area would …

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