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Grow Teddy Bear Sunflowers This Year

– Scientific Name : Helianthus – Sowing Temperature : 18 – 35℃ – Growing Temperature : 15 – 40℃ This Sunflower has plush appearance and yellow color just look like a teddy bear It’s so lovely and gorgeous, easily decorate your garden Soft, fluffy, cushion-like flowers on shorter bushy plants. Golden yellow fully double 6in. …

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How to Grow An Entire Sweet Potato Harvest From A Single Sweet Potato

I planted a whole potato last year and I had a lot of potatoes. The vines were all over the place but I only had potatoes under the original vine. I had at least 20 and some of them were huge. This year I will separate the slips so I can have more. The potatoes …

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How to Create a Mosquito-Repelling Container Garden

Nobody wants mosquitoes around. Their bites are itchy and uncomfortable and they are carriers of diseases. Fortunately their are plenty of ways of repelling mosquitoes, and not all of them require the use of bug spray or other harmful chemicals. Find out how to make your own mosquito-repelling container garden: How to Create a Mosquito-Repelling …

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Effective Stink Bug Home Remedies For Home and Yard

Stink bugs are a real nuisance. Most people call for pest control professionals with their chemicals to eradicate them for good. Before you resort to the professionals spraying your entire home with chemical insecticides, why not give some of these traditional stink bug home remedies a try fist? Here they are: Effective Stink Bug Home …

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The Easiest Way to Repair Grass Damaged By Dogs

Good information on repairing the grass. This is a really simple way to fix your grass problem and you will kick yourself for not doing this sooner! Learn how to do it on the link below: The Easiest Way to Repair Grass Damaged By Dogs

Top 10 Tips on Growing Gorgeous Clematis Vines

Clematis vines are so versatile – they can be grown on walls, pergolas, frames, in containers, or left to scramble through trees and shrubs. More useful info here: Top 10 Tips on Growing Gorgeous Clematis Vines

Here is How to Prune Your Tomatoes for a Harvest Galore

It is tomato season and you need to pay good attention to your tomato plants! What they need is timely pruning and topping. More useful info here: Here Is How To Prune Your Tomatoes For A Harvest Galore

How to Divide & Transplant Hostas

This is great! I need to update our front garden so badly and these would be beautiful! Too bad I don’t already have some hostas, but this will come in handy once I get some cultivated. Find out more here: How to Divide & Transplant Hostas

Landscaping Around a Tree Ideas

Landscaping around tree trunks is something that you can make with low-budget. You don’t have to be a horticulturist or a landscape designer, looks great and is very easy to make. Here are a bunch of lovely ideas to get inspired from: Landscaping Around a Tree Ideas

10 Best Shrubs for Containers

Whether you are a beginner or you already have a proven green thumb, there is something in here for everyone. Add some curb appeal this year with container shrubs. If you are looking to do some container landscaping this year, you will want to read this article. 10 Best Shrubs for Containers